Introductory Specials

We will always offer our first time special for those bands who have never tried out our studios before.



Standard Room (1-5): 3 hr Rehearsal $60
Showcase Room (Rm 6): 3 hr Rehearsal $80

You can have the room set up with just the P.A. 
or with drums and amps for the same price.


THIS IS A SMOKIN' DEAL for bands who want to try 

OC's Best Rehearsal Studios.




 2 hrs each...gear included.  $200

Regular Rooms Only!  This may only be purchased once on your first visit, if you are a new client.  This is a HUGE discount from our regular rates! This package may not be used in the Showcase Room.


Discount Packages

Discount Packages 2023



15% Discount (Auto Pay Only)

Purchase this 5 pack and it gives you a
15% discount from our regular rates.  
You MUST sign up for Auto Pay in order to qualify for this discount.  This package will auto renew when you use the last visit in this package. Must commit to purchasing at least two packages to receive this offer. 

FIVE VISIT PACKAGE   Regular Rooms (1-5):

 2 hrs w/PA  $213      2 hrs w/PA + Gear $255

3 hrs w/PA  $320       3 hrs w/PA + Gear  $383


FIVE VISIT PACKAGE  Showcase Room (rm 6):

 2 hrs w/PA  $298       2 hrs w/PA + Gear  $340

 3 hrs w/PA  $447       3 hrs w/PA + Gear  $510




DAY RATES - 8hrs or More


Need extra time to prep for upcoming tours? Tired of battling with neighbors over the noise your band makes while practicing in your living room? Do you need pre-production time before heading into the recording studio? Want a professional space with plenty of light, A/C and quality gear...we have you COVERED.


Must book 8 hours or more during ONE day to qualify for this rate.  This gives you 20% off of our regular rates. If you want to leave your gear set up overnight, please ask if we are able to accommodate this.  There is an additional rate of $50 per day to leave your gear set up and stored overnight.  72 hour cancellation, and a deposit is also required when booking a single day or multiple days.



DAY RATES = 8 hrs or more

Regular Room + PA    $160

Regular Room + Gear  $192

Showcase Room + PA   $224

Showcase Room + Gear  $256




SOLO Rates & Packages

Purchase a 5 pack of Solo Rehearsals and you get 10% 

off our regular solo rates. 


Solo Rates  for the room with just PA  $19 pr hr

Solo Rates for room + Drums or Amp  $24 pr hr


 FIVE REHEARSAL PACK of 2 hrs + PA   $170

FIVE REHEARSAL PACK of 2 hrs + Drums or Amp  $215


FIVE REHEARSAL PACK of 3 hrs + PA  $256

FIVE REHEARSAL PACK of 3 hrs + Drums or Amp  $324