“Rehearse Where The Pros Go!”




1. Once your rehearsal is done, please help us out and head home so that the incoming bands can find parking.


2. Only use our designated break area in front of 7580.  NO waiting or taking breaks across the parking lot in front of 7560/7556/7550 at any time.  We will ask you to move and come back over to our break area, with the white ez up tent and chairs.


3. No WEED smoking inside the rooms or indoors at all, this also includes outside in the parking lot.  DO NOT bring any weed into the studios at all.  Please leave any marijuana in your car.  We absolutely enforce this 100%.


4. No ALCOHOL outside our front door.  You may bring alcohol into the studios, but it needs to stay inside the building.  Anyone drinking alcohol outside will be asked to take it back inside.


5. NO PARKING or waiting in front of the 3 ROLL UP DOORS at the front of our parking area.  We will ask you to move immediately.


6. BE COURTEOUS to your fellow musicians.  Please plan to have enough time to tear down your equipment and leave on time.  We will come into the room 10 min before the top of the hour to make sure you are clearing out of the room.