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Calling us is our preferred, and fastest method of contact.  This streamlines the booking process, and helps us keep our schedule running smooth and accurate. We don't mind multiple calls to find you the spot that works for you and your band or group.  We are happy to check the schedule, add you to the waitlist, or make any changes to your bookings!


714-240-7345 and press option number 1

Here is a quick snapshot of our booking process...


1.  Call our main phone number 714-240-7345 to check the schedule or book a time.  Please be sure to mention your name and or band name when you call, that helps us know who we are speaking to.  


2. We will ask you if you are a new client or a returning client. Let us know what day and time you are looking for, and what equipment you might need set up in the room.  We may ask you questions like, how many people are in your group, are you coming in solo or with a group, what would you like set up in the room, if you are bringing tracks or keyboards, how many vocals, etc.  All booking is done over the phone. Once you are set up in our system, this process is super quick and doesn't require as many steps!


3. If you are a brand new client, we will ask you some additional questions when you call.  Each client has a profile here in our online booking system.  This way we will be able to track all your visits, and send you email confirmations when you book with us.  We will need name (first and last), band name, email, phone number and a credit card on file.  


4. We require ALL clients to have a Credit Card on file. The contact person for the band must match the CC that is on file for the person or group. You may pay with a different card or cash in person if you like.  


5. ALL NEW CLIENTS must also purchase a $25 NON REFUNDABLE deposit towards their FIRST rehearsal with us. This deposit will apply to your first rehearsal, and you will then owe the balance when you arrive for your booking. If you cancel with less than 48 hours notice, or do not show...the deposit is forfeited.  


6. Decide on what time and the items you want in the room, and we will confirm your appointment and send the confirmation email to you. Check your email, and make sure that everything looks correct. There is no need to respond to the email, but if ANYTHING doesn't look right please call us right away. We do have a 48 hour cancellation policy.  


7. We will also be sending out reminder emails as your booking date gets closer, usually a 72 hour reminder.  In addition we also give you a call a few days out, as a reminder just in case you might have forgotten to make a change or cancel. Again, if anything changes...CALL US RIGHT AWAY.


Thanks for taking the time to read this and familiarize yourself with how to book your time with us, we look forward to seeing you here!

BSRS Staff