Room Information

We have a total of 6 rooms here at Bomb Shelter.  All rooms have easy access off our main hallway.  Each room has a complete PA set up with Mains, Floor Monitors, Mixer, Effects, Cables, Mic Stands, and Music Stands.  All of our gear is pro level and is maintained on a consistent basis.  Brands we carry, Ampeg, Audix, Soundcraft, QSC, Yorkville, Orange, Marshall, Traynor, PDP, DW, Roc-N-Soc, Yamaha, Sonor, Korg, Roland, American DJ, just to name a few. 
Please scroll down to see details about the rooms!

This is the Showcase Room.
18ft Ceilings with Hardwood Floor
Flown Main Speakers with Side Fills
 Front Floor Monitors, Drum Monitor and Sub-Woofers
Air Conditioned
Stage with Drum Riser 
Custom Drum Set
Couch at the back of Room
Mic Stands and Cables
Music Stands
Extra Chairs

Our "Regular" Rooms...
Rooms 1-3 are approx. 20'x20' with a 10ft. ceiling.
Features Air Conditioning and a Ceiling Fan. 
SoundCraft Signature 16 Mixers in the first 3 rooms. 
PA has flown Mains, and Floor Monitors on wheels.
Microphone Cables and Stands in room.
Music Stands.
(great for groups up to 7 or 8)

Room 4 is just slightly smaller than our first three and also has a 10 ft ceiling.
Features Air Conditioning and a Ceiling fan.
Great for soloists up to 5 people.
PA has flown Mains and Floor Monitors on Wheels.
Soundcraft Signature 12 MTK Mixer
Microphone Cables and Stands in room.
Music Stands.
Room 5 is approximately 16' x 20' and has an 18ft ceiling.
Features Air Conditioning and a Ceiling Fan.
Can fit up to 6 people comfortably.
PA has Mains on Stands and Floor Monitors on Wheels.
Soundcraft Signature 12 MTK Mixer
Microphone Cables and Stands in room.
Music Stands.
Let us know what gear you need
set up in the room and we
will have it ready to go when
you arrive!!
You are welcome to arrive
early for your rehearsal. We will do 
our best to get you in and set up quickly.
We are here to help you have
a hassle free rehearsal! 
If you need assistance with
ANYTHING, come find us right 
away.  We are happy to help.

Video Shoots



About the Room:
We have done many video shoots here in our Showcase Room. This room is narrow, but long. The showcase room also has a balcony area specifically for shooting video. It gives you the opportunity to get additional camera angles from a high vantage point. There is also a stage, 1' high, with a drum riser on the stage.

We have a black curtain that runs along the back wall of the room. There are two sets of strip lights that are at the back of the stage that shine down on the stage. We also have a set of six cans out in front of the stage hung from the ceiling pointing at the stage.

The entire P.A. system is on wheels and can be moved depending on wether it is needed or not. It can be kept in the room, but rolled back if it needs to be out of sight for any shots. We can also run any of your music tracks back through the P.A. system for video shoots.

We have drums and amps if needed for the shoot. Let us know if you need something specific.

We also have additional rooms available for changing/wardrobe, make-up, food and drinks, basically a "green room."

We are happy to help you in any way we can for your shoot. Let us know what we can do for you.

Policies and Rates for Video Shoots:
The cancellation policy for video shoots is a 48 hour cancellation. We require a 50% deposit for the shoot, with the balance to be paid the day of the shoot. You may pay cash, check, or credit card to reserve your time. If you cancel with less than the 48 hours notice, the deposit wil be forfeited and will not count towards any future shoots.

The rate to use this room for video shoots is $35 per hour. If you wish to use an additional room as a "green room", or you think you will need additional space, the additional room is $10 per hour. If you need any drums or amps we will include those at no additional charge, but they must be reserved ahead of time so that we can guarantee that they are available.

We will need contact information for the responsible person in charge of the shoot. First and Last name, Company name (if applicable), Band name, address, email and phone number(s). This person is who we contact if there are any questions about dates or billing.

We highly suggest that you come down and see the room in person to determine if this is suitable for your particular shoot. We do our very best to accommodate your needs, however if this room is not what you need we would suggest that you know that before booking it.

This room is not available as a "venue" for bands looking for a place to play a show.

If you do end up booking a shoot with us, we always appreciate it when you include us in the credits.
Here is how we like to be listed, if possible and where appropriate.
Bomb Shelter Rehearsal Studios
Westminster, CA 92683