Audio Production

Why record with us here at Bomb Shelter Recording Studio?

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Consider this...
If you are looking for great sounding rooms, a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, pro-level digital and analog gear, and access to a professional audio engineer, then Bomb Shelter is the place you've been searching for.

We are passionate and dedicated about what we do here. Our engineers pay attention to every detail of your project, and how it sounds is every bit as important to us as it is to you. We want you to be excited about how your project sounds.

Our engineers are also available to sit in on a rehearsal, to ensure that your practice is as productive as possible to prepare you for your recording sessions. This helps the recording sessions run smoothly and on schedule, not wasting any valuable time. 

We can take care of all your audio recording and production needs.  We do rehearsal recordings, multi-track recordings, location recordings, demos, albums, overdubs, mixing, transfers, can create tracks from scratch, can edit existing tracks, you name it we can do it.


CALL 714-609-3501 for any questions about recording studio time.

Recording in The Showcase Room

Our Showcase Room here is an amazing sounding room, both for rehearsing and especially recording! It is a comfortable room with a cool vibe and a stage, lights as well as a large P.A. system that includes main speakers that are flown, side fills, main monitors, a drum monitor as well as two subwoofer (w/18" speakers) cabinets. All that aside, we have a 24 channel audio snake that runs from the Showcase Room up into our recording studio to capture the musical masterpieces played in that space. This room is well within everyone's budget, come try it out!

"Original Rehearsal Recording" in The Showcase Room..........$200.00
This is a three hour block (3 hrs.) of time that includes the room, the engineer, and a cd master. This does not include the rental of any gear, drums or amps if needed. We do have gear available, please see the in house gear rental section.***

"Original Rehearsal Recording" plus Multitrack Recording in The Showcase Room.........$250.00
This is also a three (3 hr.) hour block of time that includes the time, the room, the engineer, and a master CD. In addition to the CD your project will be multitracked and recorded to a hard drive. You may bring your own drive, then take it and finish it at home, or are welcome to book additional sessions to overdub or mix the multitracked project here at our studio. Additional time is billed at $65 per hour for this room. This scenario gives added flexibility to your project, allowing you to change or add to your music at any time.

We can always customize a budget for your project and will consider those with varying needs and budgets. If you book 5 or more hours we will give a 10% discount.