As of 2/14 the indoor mask mandate will be ending for us here in Orange County.  We highly suggest anyone who feels ill for any reason to stay home and not risk spreading or infecting anyone here at the studios. If you prefer to wear a mask, that is your own choice as of 2/14.  We appreciate everyone's help as we have navigated through COVID.

Additional Information: We appreciate your interest in how we are committed to keeping everyone safe during this ongoing pandemic. We continue to be diligent in following protocols suggested by the CDC and the state of California.  If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call us on our main number, we are happy to help.

1. Back in May 2020 we invested in commercial UV-C lights (same as what is used by hospitals) for all of our Air Conditioning units.  This removes airborne contaminants in all our rooms and common areas and keeps the air clean.  It takes roughly 5-10 minutes for the air to completely recycle in each room depending on it's size.  All air conditioning ducts were cleaned and blown out during the install of the UV-C units. In addition to the upgraded AC units, we also installed hand sanitizer stations in every room including the lobby and both bathrooms.  

2. Social Distancing Guidelines...

We require ONE person to take care of payment for the whole group. This helps us reduce the number of people in our small main lobby area.

We still prefer very limited guests for rehearsals.


3. Cleaning and Sanitizing Guidelines...

Microphones are ALWAYS sanitized before and after EVERY use.

End of evening cleaning and sanitizing includes all items in rooms, common areas, bathrooms. Floors mopped with approved CDC cleaners.