We have had many many videos shot in our Showcase Room over the years. 
To check more of them out please click on one of the following links...

Bomb Shelter Rehearsal Studios' Youtube Channel

Bad Dog Video's Youtube Channel
Bill McFadden--714-654-0698

David Sterling Production's Youtube Channel

Royal Gents, "Sometimes a Girl".  Conspiracy of Thought, "Rebel Flag"  "Your Columine".  Canobliss, "Riot".  Natural Insence, "And I Dream".  Take Out, "Born Again".  Mylie, "All I Need".  You Die First, "Ressurection Sickness".  Markt, "Speak a Word".  Silent Cell, "To Live is to Die."  Non-Prophet, "American Tragedy".  Jagger Cook, "Come Back".  Tritium, "Grey".  Forever Wings Fold, "Between the Devil and the Deep".  A Race Called Man, "I Alone".  Lost Disciples, "Seed".  Dream Life Misery, "Show me the Way".  Limelife, "I Don't Mean to be Mean".  The Anxiety Works, "Laughing Under Water".  Pretty in Stereo, "Goodnight"  "Forever in a Day".  Klymaxx, "Unruley Cooley-Where".  Darvocet, "Underneath".  Stevi Madison, "Beautiful".  The Donnely Campaign.  Kindergarten.  The Galway Hooker Band.  Knocked Out Cold.  Southland Megagroove, SoCal Music Expo.