Gear we've got...

This is not a full gear list for Bomb Shelter Recording Studios...

Analog Console Trident Series 75
Pro Tools 96k, 48 tracks mono or stereo. 
Mac Pro computer, 266 ghz quad core. 
Universal Audio UA1-Extreme processor card
Focusrite Liquid Mix 32 channel compressor and eq 
Universal Audio 6176
2 Series 80 Trident Class A mic pre's w/eq 
The large tracking room is almost 600 sq. ft. with 18' ceilings.
This room is comfortable and sounds amazing for tracking any project.
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We have pro quality gear available to rent for your session. Drums/Bass/Guitar amps.

Hourly Rates, Block Rates, we can work with MOST budgets.

Please visit for a full equipment list, or call 714-609-3501.
If you are looking for a place to record, we would suggest visiting us in person for a studio tour.