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More top notch services are available here at our location! We now offer drum services and repairs. 


Need your kit tuned up and sounding great, but don't have the time? Not sure how to change heads or tune? Have a recording session or important gig coming up? Maybe frustrated because your kit just doesn't sound how you would like it to?  Thinking of trying out different heads, but aren't sure how they will sound?  WE CAN HELP!


  • Complete tune up of your kit includes...
  • Clean and polish each shell
  • Clean and polish all hardware and mounts
  • Lube all tension rods during re-assembly
  • Brand new heads of your choice * not included in price of service
  • Drums will be tuned and ready to play when finished
  • Turnaround time approx 3-7 days, depending on size of kit and current workload


Kits will be charged per drum so you can easily price out what your kit will cost.

If this is your first time using our drum services we offer a FIRST TIME SPECIAL! 

Take 20% off the total cost of your drum service. **


Drum heads are a separate cost, and we are happy to

give you a quote based on what heads you select.

We offer Evans, Aquarian, and Remo heads. 

There may be lead time on heads if they are not a stock item. 

Repairs or Replacement parts may not be included in

the cost per drum, depending on what is needed.  

We will do an initial inspection of the drums, and will let you know

if we find anything that needs additional attention.


6" Tom...$15

8" Tom...$15

10" Tom...$20

12" Tom...$20

13" Tom...$20

14" Tom...$20

14" Floor Tom...$25

14" Snare...$25

15" Floor Tom...$25

16" Floor Tom...$25

16" Kick Drum...$35

18" Floor Tom...$35

18" Kick Drum...$35

20" Kick Drum...$35

22" Kick Drum...$35

24" Kick Drum...$40

26" Kick Drum...$40


Some drums with specialty pieces or mounting systems may require additional time/work. 


For example: if you have a 5 piece drum kit,

standard sizes...10,12,16, 14 snare, 22 kick...

Pricing each drum out at the above costs,

the service would be $125. 

**Not including the cost of heads.  


For a custom quote, questions, or anything you need please call us!

We are happy to help and look forward to working with you.

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to speak to our drum shop expert.