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Client name: Laura Roppe

Client Quote: 
It was an unexpected pleasure to find myself in such a quality studio
space during our rehearsal's for Laura Roppe's upcoming concert. 
 "Pride of ownership" is not a phrase I would ever have associated with
a rehearsal studio, but that was before experiencing Bomb Shelter.  
 What a pleasant surprise to walk into a clean, well-maintained
workspace staffed by a clean, well-maintained and professional staff.
 I highly recommend Bomb Shelter Rehearsal Studios.  They are a true resource
for the musicians in the L.A. and Orange County region.

Client Name: Fifth One Down

Client Quote:
Every working musician is grateful to have a reasonably priced studio to call home.
At Bomb Shelter scheduling is always well organized and there is never a point where
a musician feels like they have been given the second rate time/room; rooms are rented
on a very fair, first come, first serve basis, with no favors, the way it should be.
I believe that Bomb Shelter Rehearsal Studios, through their business ethics and love
for music are making an impact on the music scene by nurturing and fostering the talent
that fills their studios every day. And that is the route, their true love for music that will
keep bringing them success.

Client Name:
7th Sons

Client Quote:
"I want to take a moment to tell you all about the best rehearsal studios in all of
Orange County... The Bomb Shelter! The staff have a single focus when it comes to making
you a happy Bomb Shelter client... they'll do anything within reason to make and keep you
happy and coming back to rehearse at the Bomb Shelter.  They are very creative, and
resourceful when it comes to inventing new ways to make your rehearsal experiences
positive, and they always lend that personal touch that makes their clients feel special.
These people know what you want in a rehearsal environment because they ARE musicians,
or are experts at catering to musician's needs.  Plus the rates are very reasonable
for the value they provide.  How could you go wrong?"

Client Name: The Bredrin Daddys

Client Quote:
"We have been practicing at Bomb Shelter for about 3 years now and we can honestly say
that Bomb Shelter has the most friendly and knowlegable staff of any rehearsal studio around.
We always have a great experience at Bomb Shelter!"

Client Name: Starving For Gravity

Client Quote:
"Bomb Shelter is a studio for anyone that really enjoys music and likes to do things right. 
It is a musical landmark for Southern California, or at least it should be.  The staff is awesome,
the worries are none, and the vibe is chill.  If you take your craft serious, this is the place to be. 
Just call, book a room, and from that day forward you will never rehearse in a garage again. 
It is professional, private, and fun.  I recommend it for all ages and musical backgrounds."